A Snowbird With His Seasons Mixed Up

Florida, it’s been fun, but it’s time for me to go. Considering the copious amounts of sand still coating the interior of my vehicle, you won’t be leaving me…

A place for her to take a temporary rest.

My intention for this trip was to follow my gut at all costs, and keep myself in a position where I could do just that with the least amount of interference. Trust in the fact that every event has a reasoning behind it. The difference between fate and destiny. The Tao. The River of Life. God’s plan. Whatever limiting term you decide to apply to it. Follow the flow.

So, upon departing for the trip, I did just that. I got on the I-90 and drove. Straight to Florida.

Unlike the last car trip down here on the Juxtaposse tour, I was not on the Red Bull diet. No 20+ hour straight-shot to the gulf coast this time. I try, but the inevitable question arises…

Where to spend the first night? Keep it simple. It’s already dark by now.

That rest stop in North Carolina looks tolerable for a quick nap.

Oh fantastic! I get to watch shady drug deals all night. There are reasons other than brown bears to have a shotgun and a watchdog. I may have slept like a baby, but Jackson sure didn’t. Why would a dog sleep with this much fun occurring outside the car?

I’m awake, I’m alive, and the car is intact. Back to it.

Co-pilot passing the time.

Blow through the Carolina’s. Hello, and goodbye Georgia, thankfully without incident (more on that another time). Hello Florida. Six more hours of driving in the land where turning signals are simply nonexistent, and I’m in Naples. Home of the “Nancy” himself, little Davey Kennedy.

For those who don’t already know, I’ve known Dave longer than my memories go back. With our parents being good friends, it was inevitable that we would be together to torment the world, from diapers on.

I wonder if Maribel, the poor soul who decided to marry Dave, knew what she was getting into when she watched me pull in. It’s an understatement to say the two of us are a handful together.

We do the things you come to Florida to do. Go to the beach. Watch dolphins off Naples Pier. Go out to eat. Check out the cool parks. Rent kayaks. Hit up the shooting range (where I learned that Maribel will show you up with an AR-15). Take the truck off-roading. Meet random folks in random places, as well as the infamous Carlos and his wife Linda. Life is good.
Dave and Jackson

One could say my trip begins in Southern Florida. I may have departed from Buffalo NY, but that leg was nothing more than a long commute. The east coast is claustrophobic, and I felt it the whole way down. I need distant sight lines, open vistas and a larger scale to the landscape.

My time here in Florida is ending shortly. I may not miss the humidity, the insects, or the top-notch landscaping everywhere, but I will miss Dave, Maribel, and the rest of the crew. Good memories have been made but it’s time to move on.

Good advice from the Picayune Strand

Back to the road.

The west is clearly calling.


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