The Logistics of Sand to Snow

Would you bring your bathing suit out snowshoeing, wear waterproof boots in the desert or take your solar charger with you while caving?


Eberlestock J79 Skycrane II and F4 Termanator. A home on your back.

The answers to these questions may seem obvious, but most situations are not so black and white. When taking on countless variations of terrain and climate, there is no “one fits all” solution.  Mountaineering gear doesn’t translate to the swamp very well…nor vice versa.

Unable to carry the amount of equipment needed to truly tackle this continent alone on my own back, the next step up was only logical.

Have my dog Jackson carry my stuff for me.

What a perfect idea. He follows me everywhere already, so why not just use him as my pack-horse?

My pack-dog.

Packs-on Jackson.

It doesn’t take long to notice that Jackson isn’t a one ton equine that I can strap a few weeks provisions to. His big headed body does just fine carrying his own things, let alone the addition of my shit.


Jackson sunning on the pavement after a long walk.

Ok, on a serious note, the pack-dog is a no go, as is the pack-horse.  I’m not about to go cowboy across the countryside, chafing my ass on a saddle and dealing with an unruly, skittish, delicate creature and a remount. That leaves one choice.  A gas powered, 4WD vehicle it shall be.

So now I have a mobile hub.  Go anywhere, park anywhere, and take on whatever the terrain may throw at me.  Provisions for weeks.  Solar power.  Recovery equipment.  Medical supplies.  I’ll save the details for later posts.

Leave the car camping sites to the city turkeys.


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